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We ensure that we know the properties we have on our books and will be upfront about them; we will help you every step of the way, providing advice and assistance on all aspects of your move.

At the Start of your Tenancy

  • Carefully read your tenancy agreement.  This is a legal contract drawn up by Lets Rent Cambridge that sets out yours and the Landlords rights and responsibilities. It states how much rent you should pay, what repairs the Landlord is responsible for  and the rules for when your tenancy comes to an end.  Carefully read and make sure that you understand the tenancy agreement before you sign it.
  • References:  Lets Rent Cambridge use a professional tenant referencing service to help confirm your ability to meet the rental commitment.  It is always best to be honest when you complete the reference form as they are cross-referenced with other information sources.
  • Inventory:  The Inventory is a full and detailed report of the furniture, contents and state of repair of the property on the day that you move in.  This is prepared by an independent company.
  • Services:  You are responsible for the gas, electricity, water rates, telephone, TV licence and council tax for the duration of the Tenancy.  You will need to contact the suppliers to transfer the accounts into your name.
  • Never stop paying your rent, even if the the Landlord is not complying with their side of the agreement (e.g. by failing to do repairs); you could end up being evicted if you do.
  • Lets Rent Cambridge will require at least one months notice in writing when you are ready to leave the property.  This will be acknowledged by a checkout letter detailing the process with the main points to note:  if the property was professionally cleaned when you moved in, then you will need to arrange to have it cleaned to the same standard when you move out of the property.  You should leave the property in tip top condition and remove all your belongings, otherwise you risk losing part, or all, of your Deposit.